Why Mighty Buffalo?

This is Where the Buffalo Roam.

I believe that travel paves the road to peace. I also believe that too often we allow media narratives and politicians to dictate how we feel about people in other countries – instead of our own real world experience.

I’ve experienced first hand how getting out of my comfort zone and taking a chance to explore has enriched my life and changed my perspective of the world. I actually feel safer and more connected to my fellow human beings and filled with optimism that “we the people” have the power to shape this world rather than just being along for the ride.

It is with this optimism in mind that I launched MightyBuffalo.com. Mighty Buffalo is a multimedia organization dedicated to giving U.S. citizens the tools and information they need to explore other cultures and countries. Through our books, guides, podcasts, and videos, it is my hope that our Mighty Buffalo “Roamers” will travel the world and broadcast their stories back to the U.S. – allowing our fellow citizens to to see the world as it truly is – full of caring like-minded people who want nothing more than peace and prosperity for themselves, their children, and the rest of the world.

Join The Community!

You can be an important part of our mission. Become a Roamer and join our community. Learn about other parts of the world on our website or go out into the world and create your own content to bring back to our audience. However it is you feel like participating, we’re glad you are – because you have a role in opening up the world to yourself and those around you, and in unlocking the beauty of this planet for everyone on it.

– Travis Scott Luther, Founder – MightyBuffalo.com

Join the thousands of people flocking to Mexico to live a better life.

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